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Commercial photography is utilised in several areas across the globe, making it easily one of the most popular types of photography.

With the increased focus on creating quality images for different purposes, commercial photography can be leveraged to enhance your existing project. However, what exactly does this technique entail? Are there different types of commercial photography?

If you’re wondering about the same, the experts at DW Images have got you covered. 

We’ve put together the different types of commercial photography so that you understand which one can be the right fit for your project.

Let’s get started!

What Is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography aims to create the best visual representation of the product or service to make it appealing to a particular audience. In simple words, it is used to sell a product or service essentially.

Commercial photographers use various techniques and elements, followed by their post-production process to create incredible images of a particular product or service. 

Although by its nature, commercial photography is a broad subject, its main goal is to showcase something in the best way possible. This means finding the right photographer with a great portfolio can bring forth the required skills along with the best commercial photography ideas for your project.

The Different Types Of Commercial Photography

Now that you know what commercial photography is and the basic idea, understanding its different types can help you decide which is the correct technique for your project.

Here are the main types of commercial photography –

1. Product Photography

As one of the best commercial photographers in Milton Keynes, we at DW Images know just how impactful product photography can be. This type of photography is easily one of the biggest and most demanding services across the globe.

ECommerce businesses thrive on product photoshoots as it serves at the heart of their business. To represent and be able to sell their products in the best possible way, they need excellent images. 

With the different types of product shots and techniques, this type of photography can be personalised according to your preferences.

If you’re looking for professional product photography services, give us a call today!

2. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is one of the most popular types of commercial photography. It essentially involves a model showcasing single or multiple products, or an experience.

Depending on the business or brand, the fashion photographer can personalise the shoot for something more unique and creative. However, with this type of photography, you’ll require enough knowledge about the fashion industry to be able to get unique pictures for the project.

With high-end shoots and luxurious themes, this type of photography requires a fair amount of creativity and thinking outside of the box.

product photography trends; 360 degrees product photograph.

3. Business Headshots

Business headshots are another common technique that is used widely. Whether it is for your LinkedIn profile or your business website, headshots can serve as an individual’s first impression.

This means taking a good headshot can benefit you in many ways. Additionally, with the versatility of this type of photography, you can leverage them however you choose!

Visit DW Images to take professional business headshots today. Get in touch with us here.

4. Food Photography

Food photography is more than just taking food pictures for social media platforms. It is an excellent niche of photography that requires technical and creative skills.

While it may be considered as a product shoot, the commercial photographer usually works with a food stylist to get the right aesthetic shots for their client. Since the food needs to look extremely appealing, photographers usually experiment with different elements to make the pictures more unique.

This photography also involves editorial restaurant shots usually taken for promotional purposes.

5. Architectural Photography

One of the most underrated types of commercial photography is architectural photography. It involves taking pictures of commercial spaces but can simultaneously capture the property in a way it’s never been seen before; it can bring out the beauty of every type of architecture.

Additionally, real estate photography can be considered as an extension of this service and is another popular service in the field of photography.

DW Images – The Right Photographer For All Your Commercial Photography Needs

Now that you know the different types of commercial photography, if you’re looking to hire a professional photographer, DW Images is the right choice!

With many years of experience in the field of photography, our dedication to high-quality photography is prevailent in all the work that we do. We offer a range of services including 360 product photography, events and PR photography.

To find out more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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