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With advances in technology, almost all industries and disciplines have changed their trends with each passing year. There is no exception when it comes to product photography, and if you play your cards right, the changing trends can become a boon for your business. 

That said, DW Images has experienced photographers who are constantly trying to keep up with technology to meet new product photography trends. 

This brings us to today’s blog; we’ve curated a list of new product photography trends to assist you with your next project. Use these tips to get images that are sharp and up-to-date. 

Let’s look at them! 

1. Importance of Videography 

While images are still in trend when promoting your products, recent trends are a living proof that they are not enough. This is partly because the videos have now taken a front seat, and if you wish to stand out, you should look into this. 

One possible reason behind this shift is the new technology that has enabled the videos to arrive in compact sizes and expand where it needs to.

Additionally, the general engagement of a consumer is more towards a video rather than an image. 

That brings the need for you to have enough basic knowledge about videography, which is required for product photography.

2. 360 Degrees Photography 

If you wish to promote your products with a limited budget, social media is your solution. This platform’s potential knows no bounds, and with proper plan and play, you could also become successful overnight. 

360 product photography is one such tool that you can use to increase traffic on social media, and promote to your target audience. 

This technology has become increasingly popular recently and is speculated to have an increasing popularity in the new year too. 

DW Images has offered 360 product photography service for a considerable amount of time, so if you need more information, get in touch with us today! 

3. Cloud Storage 

A professional photographer, regardless of their devices (DSLR or smartphones), should have an online sharing capacity. 

Cloud storage is a boon for photographers today; with the prime benefit of security, your clients will always be grateful to you. 

Efficient cloud-based storage also makes your tasks simpler. When it comes to accessibility, its flexibility can help edit and send your images from anywhere, within seconds.

4. Minimalism 

The famous trends of innovative and colourful backgrounds have become old school. On the contrary, minimalist designs have taken over

It simply means the careful placement of every aspect of the image to create a high-contrast, simple image that gives impact. 

The benefit that comes with minimalism is that it puts much more focus on the product while being attractive to the viewer’s eye. This, therefore, has ensured eye-catching shots that result in better sales.

product photography trends; 360 degrees product photograph.

5. True Pictures 

People are becoming more and more aware of filters and editing techniques, and this has created the desire for unedited pictures. They have understood the need for authenticity and will turn away the moment they realise that the product image has been manipulated. 

While some lights and edits are forgiven (and necessary), if you’re looking to nail product photography trends, you should stay away from intense editing

This trend will ask for focused photography which could take time and dedication. 

While it may seem that editing is easy, spending more time on capturing the perfect photograph is an investment you’ll be making for the long run. 

Get in Touch with DW Images for Professional Product Photography 

DW Images strives to always stay ahead of the upcoming trends, and this blog speaks of our motive. We know what it takes to make your products sell; when paired with our professional setup and experts, you’ll be achieving your business goals sooner than expected. 

There are many elements required to make businesses successful; some of which are maintaining the brand image, appearance and professionalism – here’s where we step in!

Our services such as professional business headshots and PR/event photography is exactly what you need to fuel a professional touch, so why wait? 

Contact us today!

product photography trends; 4 Videography cameras places next to one another.
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