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Many businesses and eCommerce websites have a particular image in mind when they think of shots of their product for their site.

While they do approach a professional photographer to help turn their vision into reality, most eCommerce site owners already have a rough idea of how they want their images to be based.

However, this knowledge may not be enough to produce quality photos as certain techniques and approaches are something only professionals know about.

With this in mind, if you’re on the lookout to know more about common product shots, you’ve come to the right place. At DW Images, we have a vast experience in product photography and know all that there is to this technique.

We’ve put together a short guide on the 4 common product shots used in product photography that you can consider for your eCommerce site. 

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Product-In-Use Shots

A product-in-use shot is simply a photo in which the product is being used. Also referred to as a ‘lifestyle shot’ or an ‘action shot’, it is a type of image that conveys the lifestyle associated with the use of that particular product.

With this, the functionality of the product is visually demonstrated so that customers can get an idea of how the product is used. Additionally, with this type of shot, there’s always other elements involved which are termed as ‘talent’.

These elements or talents can include anything and everything related to the product. For example, if the product is a pair of sneakers, the other element could be a person wearing them. While some products usually only require a pair of hands in the shot to demonstrate the usage of the particular product, a talent isn’t essentially a must-have in every product-in-use shot.

Standalone Shots

Standalone shots are perhaps the most common product shots in product photography, popularly seen on platforms like Amazon. In this technique, the product is placed front and centre against a plain white background and is photographed by itself. 

This type of simple yet bold product shot can be captured with a single product placed by itself or with multiple similar or related products together. Additionally, there’s no limitation to the background colour, meaning you don’t necessarily have to stick to a white background

While white is a common universal choice that many commercial photographers opt for, you can experiment and choose whichever colour you prefer. However, make sure nothing takes away from the product as that should be the sole focus in the image.

Product In Environment Shot

A product in environment is another type of common product shot that many eCommerce sites opt for. Whether it is a conceptual environment or an actual one, you can select one that aligns with your product and brand to place your product in.

While many people may underestimate the impact the environment has on a picture in terms of aesthetics and creating harmony, one thing is for certain, it can enhance the overall image to deliver a better end result.

black puma trainers

Hero Shot

Commonly seen in major advertising and promotional campaigns, a hero shot is another example of common product shots that increases the value of the product by portraying it in a different light. This technique builds allure, emotion and appeals to the customer’s desire for the product, making it popular amongst many commercial photographers.

We’ve often come across advertisements that market a product so well with a simple shot that it makes us want to purchase the product, even if we don’t necessarily require it. That’s the power of a hero shot.

Moreover, what makes this shot so impactful is the production value, including the additional effects or alterations a photographer integrates during their post-production process to make the image the best it can be.

Contact DW Images For Quality And Professional Product Photography

Now that you know all about the common product shots, finding the right photographer for your project is the next step; what better place for this than DW Images?

With our vast expertise and experience in the photography industry, we know all there is to know about product photography and other types of commercial photography.

To find out more about our services, get in touch with us today!

Common product shots; an aesthetic picture of a person holding their hand under a wrist watch that is mid-air
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