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When you ask any photographer about their post-processing techniques, be it an amateur or a professional, you’ll always receive mixed views. 

In photography, post-processing is complex and while some do enjoy it, for some it can prove to be a nightmare. While this more or less also depends on your skill level, when it comes to this creative process, there’s always room for improvement.

That extra effort that you put into your post-processing techniques can make all the difference for your images and really spruce them up. In short, no matter how tedious or complex it may seem, the results it brings makes it worth the effort.

If you’re looking for tips and tricks to improve your post-processing steps, you’ve come to the right place. At DW Images, we know how important this step is to get quality photographs. 

We’ve therefore put together a short guide with basic tips for post-processing that will help every photographer improve their photos.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Level Your Horizon For Better Symmetry

The horizon or the straight horizontal line found in many photographs anchor the image that forms around them. When the line isn’t straight, it can even be picked up by an untrained eye. Even a slight tilt can give a feeling of something being off in the photograph.

To prevent this from happening, many photographers more or less level the horizon to ensure that it is straight and there’s better symmetry. Since this is an important technique you need to pay attention to, knowing the right way to fix it is necessary.

You can use the straighten option on the crop tool to adjust the image accordingly. With this, you can easily level the picture and make it look more professional instantly.

2. Adjust White Balance For More Natural Images

White balance means adjusting the colours of the photographs to give them a more natural feel. This technique is primarily used to get rid of colour casts or any distortion in terms of lighting conditions.

Since white balance helps make the image more realistic, ensuring you pay attention to it from the get-go is something every photographer needs to consider. Whether it is getting it correct in-camera or shooting in RAW with an auto white balance setting to adjust it later, everyone has their own approach to this.

However, adjusting it with the other post-processing techniques will definitely modify the image to make it as close to the real picture as possible.

3. Work With Contrast For Well-Defined Images

Adjusting the contrast is another important post-processing technique that can be leveraged for excellent photographs for your business or other purposes.

Sometimes, despite how hard we try, our photographs may turn out flat with a lack of distinction in the elements present. In such cases, working with contrast can save your images by giving them a much-needed pop of colour and definition.

By separating the darkest areas from the lightest, your images will have a better character with a more three-dimensional feel. Adjusting the contrast can ensure your photographs stand out in the best way possible.

Post Processing Techniques; a close-up, aesthetic picture of a plant with a white background

4. Boost Saturation For Better Colours

Saturation reflects the purity and intensity of colours in any image. Whether it is for the images on your eCommerce website or a blog, boosting saturation levels can enhance the colours of a photograph greatly.#

By simply moving the saturation slider or even the vibrance slider, you’ll notice a visible difference in the colours and quality of your images. Since you’ll have a clear idea of what you want them to look like, you can adjust the levels accordingly till it reflects your vision.

At the same time, if you lower the saturation level, your images will look more muted. So depending on the brief, you can play around with the settings to get the desired effect.

Contact DW Images For Professional Photography Services

While these are some of the easiest post-processing techniques, there are many more methods with a slightly more advanced level that can help you deliver quality images.

If you’re looking for professional photography services that can help you get quality images for your project, DW Images is the perfect place for you.

Be it a headshot for your social media or product photography for your eCommerce site, we can meet all your photography needs.

To find out more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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