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360 Product & Pack-Shot Photography


Shopping has always been as much about the experience as it has about the end result. The internet has significantly decreased this experience. By presenting 360 product photography online, website visitors are now able to interact with the product using their mouse!

Customers are able to click and drag these 360 product photos and view from any angle they chose. The visitor is now in control of what they want to see no longer what you allow them to see. 360 product photography will increase online shopping satisfaction.

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Why Do I Need 360 Product Photography?

  • Sets Right Expectations

  • Improves Customer Experience

  • Builds Your Brand

  • Increase Conversion Rate

  • Attract More Customers

  • It Is Cost-Effective

  • Reduces Product Returns

Features of 360 Product Photography

  • Highlights Signature Products To Viewers

  • Virtual Shows The Whole Product (360 View)

  • The New Amazon Standard Of Showing Products

We’ve got all the tools.

We have a bespoke studio set-up for all you product photography needs. Based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes as well as 360 product photography, we offer a mix of product photography whether its pack-shot style on a plain white background, for ecommerce and Amazon style selling website.

We can also help you with more set based product images for your website and social media. We also offer a full Ghost Mannequin service for your clothing ecommerce website.

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360 Product Photography

360 Degree Product Photography
360 product photography
360 Degree Product Photography
360 Degree Product Photography

Need 360 Product Photography?

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Need Amazon Product Photography?

  • New to selling on Amazon?
  • Do you already sell on Amazon?
  • Looking for high-quality pack-shots for your Amazon shop?

Amazon seller packages from £179

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Starting from £195


Ghost Mannequin Photography

Perfectly sized mannequins, lighting, photography and skilled post-production, ensures your apparel and accessories look their best. We steam, hang and prep all your products upon arrival. Handling your items with due care and attention; priming them for their moment in front of the camera.

Post Production, an important part of the process. Our photographers work to ensure minimal retouching is required where possible, but with invisible mannequin photography our skilled post-production team bring their experience to the forefront.

Expertly removing mannequins, straightening seams and perfecting colours, creating the final polish to your important images.

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Do you sell clothing & fashion wear online, looking for Ghost Mannequin photography?

One of the quickest and most cost effective ways to display your garments online is by using an invisible mannequin or Ghost Mannequin. This involves setting and photographing your garments on a special mannequin, then finally removing the mannequin in postproduction.

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What our customers say about us

I would highly recommend D.W. Images Photography. I felt so out of my comfort zone but David put me at ease very quickly. I now have headshots which are natural, relaxed and professional.

Karen Mckenzie

Dave did some head shots for us at Windowpains and he produced some fantastic pictures making us feel really relaxed and natural. Highly recommend!

Andy Harris

I finally look like a professional on all my business related sites and media accounts, instead of drunk and on holiday (which I was when my previous photo was taken!) – thank you David!

Annie S2S

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