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With the impact photography can have for various businesses, eCommerce sites tend to rise on top when it comes to leveraging pictures. 

Add to that, humans are known to be visual creatures so it only makes sense to use high-quality, eye-popping photographs that can capture your customers’ attention much quicker.

Speaking of images, product photography serves as the heart and soul of every eCommerce site, meaning utilising the best available resources to get quality pictures can give these sites a much-needed boost when it comes to traffic and conversions.

However, while this is a great idea every site could greatly benefit from, not all site owners truly understand how product photos could be used to improve their overall profits. That said, one area that every site owner could pay attention to is to boost conversions with product photography.

If this is something that you’re looking to know more about, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of tips on how to boost conversions with product photography that can help every site owner greatly.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Using The Right Camera

Every photographer knows that having the right camera is a necessary precursor to capturing good images. However, a good camera doesn’t necessarily have to translate to something that costs a fortune.

Whether you’re an amateur just starting out or a well-established photographer, there are many affordable yet impressive camera options that are perfect for this type of photography. 

That said, there are three main features you need to look for when choosing a camera. These include –

  • Ability to change lenses for the right shot irrespective of whether you’re indoors, outdoors, close-up or at long range
  • Macro capabilities for close-up shots to highlight product details
  • Low light capabilities to capture a great shot in the absence of good lighting

While there are many more features you could look for, these serve as basic yet essential ones that every good camera possesses.

2. A Plain White Background For The Products

A plain white background for product photos is common and for good reason. Since your product is the feature that needs to be emphasised to make the customer purchase it, having distractions in the background will only ruin this purpose.

By isolating your product against a white background, you’re presenting the product as it is to give the site visitor a better understanding on the look of the product.

Here, one idea you can consider is using a white background shot for the primary shot. Then you can use whatever other approach you want for the other images. So every eCommerce site can start off with a standard picture against a white background and can then build from there.

3. Try Multiple Angles

Every site visitor that views your products gives you a short time limit in which you can create an impression on them that convinces them to go ahead with the purchase. This means that trying out different vantage points showcases your product in different aspects which will only work in your favour.

Even though your product may be pretty straightforward, having multiple angles can portray how it looks and your potential customers can understand how it’ll look in usage.

Put simply, trying multiple angles can give a more comprehensive understanding of a product which can eliminate some, if not all, questions one would have about the product.

boost conversions with product photography; a product picture of a vodka bottle against a white background

4. Show The Product In Use

Another way to get the visitor more inclined towards your product is by adding pictures of the product in use. With the different types of product photos available, leveraging these images can create a strong impression on your visitor.

This helps the visitor envision what it would look like when they use it, thereby increasing the chances of them going ahead with the purchase. The more creative you get with these, the better results you get with them.

Contact DW Images For Professional Product Photography Services

Now that you know about how to boost conversions with product photography, finding the right photographer can make all the difference for your business’ site. 

If professional photography services are what you’re looking for, work with us at DW Images! From high-quality product photography to commercial and event photography, we provide services for a variety of areas.

To find out more, get in touch with us today!

a product shot of a bottle with a glass balancing on top
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