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Fashion merchandising relies on two core pillars – product photography and the way it is styled and portrayed! If the interaction between these elements is right, you will find yourself with beautiful product images that paint an enticing picture and tip the sale scales in your favour!

When it comes to product photography for fashion merchandising, you need to ensure that you end up with excellent images to boost your e-commerce sales. 

There’s a lot more to apparel photography than just taking a few pictures. 

As professional photographers, we at DW Images spend hours on end in our clothing photography studio taking pictures that retain your brand’s values and image. We work hard to get the post-production image editing just right so you have an amazing batch of photos to post. 

If you are looking for high-quality apparel product shots that are not only stellar but also effective at attracting your target market, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s our go-to list of tips for product photography for fashion merchandising!

Let’s take a look!

1. Ready the Garment for the Perfect Shot

Before you start taking pictures of your product, you need to ensure that it looks flawless and perfect. Clothing items may sport creases and wrinkles from either transport or storage. You need to see to it that you spot such issues beforehand and take care of them before you begin to take pictures.

It’s a crucial starting point to prep your garments for the upcoming fashion photography shoot. For this, closely inspect your product from top to bottom. See to it that there are no lingering stickers or tags attached. Iron out the wrinkles and creases and fix other imperfections that you encounter. 

It is best to keep lint rollers or tape handy to get rid of stray strings of fabrics and dust. Keep everything ready and organised so that you don’t waste time later on scrambling for different things.

2. Use a Model or a Mannequin

Every person has a different body type and style which makes choosing clothes a personal experience. As an e-commerce company for apparel, it is crucial to factor in and communicate the shape and fit of your product to your target customers. 

The simplest way to do this is to either use live models or a mannequin to showcase your product. Simply laying the apparel flat on a surface or using hangers to display it is a big mistake. 

While using models to wear your product is the obvious choice for most e-commerce owners, mannequin photography is right up there as well. When customers see images of your product being used, it helps them better understand and visualise the fit for when they wear your product. 

Using a mannequin to photograph your products enables you to leverage a popular post-production technique known as the ghost mannequin effect. The end result is a life-sized image that places the focus firmly on your product.

Give us a call for expert ghost mannequin photography!

3. Offer Sufficient Imagery

A scanty image count is one of the worst product photography mistakes you can make for fashion merchandising. Adding just one or two images of each product isn’t sufficient for customers as they are unable to comprehend the overall quality and feel of your inventory. 

Try and provide as much detail and clarity as possible to your customers about every single product you are hosting on your website. For this, a minimum of three images is a must but ideally, you should aim to add anywhere between five to ten images per product. 

A detailed shot is mandatory with a clear and high-quality view of the front and back of the product. A detailed product description will work great alongside the pictures.

product photography for fashion merchandising; mannequin wearing dressy suits

4. Use Sufficient Light

Bright lighting has to be one of your core priorities when producing shots for top-notch fashion merchandising. You do not want to be that e-commerce retailer with underexposed and dingy product photos. 

When you start testing your product shots, let there be light, that too in abundance! When your product shots are accurately exposed, the end result will display vibrant product colours along with other minute details so that customers have a better idea of what it all looks like. 

With quality product photos, you can make your inventory appear professional and clean. Each piece of the clothing item is unique and different. For this, you need the right exposure to lighting to enable customers to appreciate and acknowledge the various distinctive features of your clothing item. 

For professional apparel photography services in a proper photo studio, give us a call today!

Armed with these best practices for e-commerce fashion photography, you can optimise your product images and put up beautiful pictures for customers to see. 

Call DW Images for Picture Perfect Apparel Shots

It all boils down to the quality of pictures and the leads and conversions they bring to the table. 

Partner with us to begin optimising your product photos while simultaneously reaping the benefits of a higher ROI from your merchandising budget.

For well-planned and professional product photography, get in touch with the experts at DW Images.

photographer adjusting lights in a photo studio
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