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Let’s admit it – a lot of us have an assumption that professional headshots are only meant for CEOs, executives or large scale businesses.

Having said that, the expansion of social media has significantly elevated our visual cues, making high quality headshots more important than ever before.

Think about how you scroll through your Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook feeds. While a lot of things clamor for your attention, you only end up reading a few long, text heavy posts without images. Usually it’s the posts or ads with appealing photographs that grab your attention.

Put simply, the use of quality photos has garnered quite a lot of popularity, so much so that they’ve become a must-have when it comes to acing your social media game!

In today’s blog, our professional photographers at DW Images have put together this guide explaining the value and importance of social media headshots.

Let’s dive in.

Professional Social Media Headshots – Why Do They Matter?

When it comes to the value of photos, it has both increased and decreased at the same time – amazing, isn’t it?

Since we come across hundreds, if not thousands, of photos in a day, we tend to subconsciously ignore most of them. While we do ‘see’ these images, we don’t always ‘look’ at them; we just scroll right past them without blinking an eye!

That said, the question here is – what makes a good photo?

Put simply, a good photograph is one that stays with us. It’s something that we remember even after being buried under a sea of images.

This is exactly why having a professional headshot on your social media platforms matters. Compared to other photos, they help create a lasting impact on your audience, when they are high quality.

Additionally, social media headshots are what business cards once used to be – a necessity in the digital realm.

Click here to find out more about the importance of professional headshots.

Benefits of Social Media Headshots

Uploading a professionally captured headshot on your social media account can offer various benefits. Here are some of them:

  • With these headshots, you get to easily capture ‘who you are’ while also ensuring that you look professional in these images.
  • These headshots embody your essence, your personality and what you are as a personal brand.
  • They help your employers, friends and colleagues get a good idea about who you are; this is particularly crucial when searching for jobs.
  • With a professional headshot, you can ensure that your social media account portrays your determination and professionalism.
  • While it helps you build confidence, your professional headshots also have the ability to make people feel that you’re someone they can trust.

If you’re ready to get your professional headshots taken to up your social media game, then give us a ring today to book your session!

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Professional Headshots on Social Media – How to Use Them

Just like fashion and other trends, the best style of headshot changes too. This means that by regularly updating your social media headshots to keep up to date, you can maximise its various benefits.

Moreover, having a dated photograph that screams of last decade will only create a bad impression of you. This is especially true when you’re working with clients you haven’t really met in person – after all, their version of ‘you’ is that little icon on your social media profile.

Last but not least, if you’ve multiple accounts on social media, ensure that you’ve different headshots for each of them. While your Facebook account can have a more relaxed photo, your LinkedIn profile typically needs to have a more polished and professional one.

Pro Tip: Never Overlook Your Personal Account

Since you’re investing in a professional photoshoot, why not take complete advantage of this opportunity to go all out?

You could get some photos captured for your personal account and make it look better and smarter. Besides, there are times when the line between professional and personal can be slightly blurry – your current employer or prospective client might as well take a look at your personal profile.

Contact DW Images for Professional Social Media Headshots

At DW Images, we pride ourselves in capturing social media headshots that help you share an accurate sense of who you are with your target audience. Not only do we make your professional headshots ‘look’ like the best but also make them ‘feel’ that way.

To up your social media game with professional headshots, give us a call and book your session today!

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