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A great profile picture makes a powerful impact and can influence the way people perceive you. When it comes to a professional platform like LinkedIn, having a professional headshot can help you successfully capture the attention of both businesses and employers.

LinkedIn is a portal used mainly by professionals and businesses making it different from the usual social media platforms. When compared to platforms like Instagram and Facebook the content and way people present themselves is typically quite different.

Since your LinkedIn account is your first impression on a company, client or potential employer, having the perfect headshot can work greatly in your favour. Following the right steps to look professional and approachable in your headshot can help you successfully create a positive impact on your profile visitors.

Since headshots are a crucial aspect of your profile, our experts at DW Images have put together a list of dos and don’ts for professional LinkedIn headshots.

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Do – Use An Up to Date Photo

We’ve all been guilty, at some point or other, of recycling our old pictures across various platforms or documents like your CV. However, using a photograph from 2008 for your current LinkedIn profile is probably not the smartest idea.

Everybody changes as years pass by – whether it’s your haircut or a total makeover, there’s always a visible difference. That said, having a headshot that portrays how you look now will help the employer or profile visitor understand you better. Moreover, current photos are always preferred by businesses as they represent you better. 

Don’t – Use A Cropped Group Picture 

Let’s face it, we all take shortcuts when it comes to setting up accounts and end up cropping a group picture to use for our profiles. While this may seem like a smart idea at the time, take a step back and think – how professional do you want your headshot to be?

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that many use for sharing information, finding jobs and clients. Therefore, using a cropped profile picture probably won’t help you create a good impression. Moreover, since the image is cropped, it might be pixelated or blurry. This in turn will have a negative impact on the professional image that you’re trying to build.

Do – Dress Smartly

A headshot reflects who you are as a person and your clothes are part of this; dressing appropriately is another important aspect that will help your profile visitor form a positive impression about you.

Whether they’d admit it or not, employers and recruiters create an image of you based on your headshot, meaning you need to dress professionally. That said, consider dressing according to what you would wear in your workplace. This may differ based on the industry you are a part of. However, keep in mind that your clothing isn’t too distracting with many patterns or colours – after all the main focus should be on you!

Don’t – Apply Too Many Filters

A headshot will be taken in such a way that it focuses on your face and upper body. That said, although we’d highly recommend a professional editing service to put the finishing touches on your photo, definitely don’t apply a filter, if you want to remain professional.  

The reason behind this is that headshots should reflect the natural and real ‘you’ and filters may detract from this. Try to keep your headshot as natural as possible is always a better idea.

Do – Look Approachable And Natural

LinkedIn accounts with professional headshots are more likely to be approached by businesses or employers compared to accounts with standard display pictures. This means looking approachable or friendly is necessary for a business or company to recognise you as a potential candidate.

Since LinkedIn photographs are more professional when compared to other online platforms, avoid being too stoic or serious with your expression or body language. Instead, try to look genuine and confident to create an impactful and professional headshot.

Another tip for the dos and don'ts of professional headshots is to dress smartly to look more professional; an individual sitting on a bench posing against a bluish-grey wall

Don’t – Incorporate Distractions In Your Headshot

Your headshot needs to be distraction-free, anything that takes the attention away from or is deflecting should be avoided or removed from the background.

For example, avoid using elements or props that reflect your hobbies and interests as your headshot is all about creating a professional image for your LinkedIn account. Keeping the picture minimalistic and clean can prove to have a better impact and work well in your favour as less is always more.

Contact DW Images For Your Professional Headshot

A good headshot can help you successfully build on your professional image, especially on a platform like LinkedIn.

That said, at DW Images we understand that your headshot is all about you and your personal branding. This is why we work towards creating your desired business headshot just the way you picture it.

Join us at our studio for a bespoke headshot session to get a great professional LinkedIn headshot.

Check out our portfolio here, and get in touch with us today for a suave professional shoot!

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