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The past decade has experienced a mammoth shift in the way people consume and process information

In a world where consumers don’t read as much, how do you make an impact and quickly capture their attention? With a million different distractions, it is a given that anything that’s remotely uninteresting doesn’t stand a chance to attract attention. 

This is where commercial photography for small businesses comes into play, to shift focus and paint your brand in a different light. By leveraging the expertise that commercial photographers bring to the table, you can make the most of the visual assets of your business to present your brand, services and products in a riveting and engaging way. 

This way, you can use small business photography to put in a good word for yourself and at the same time promote your brand. If you wish to make a lasting impression on your clients and customers, you can count on excellent commercial photography offered at DW Images!

Before you do that, let’s take a look at how custom professional photography can work wonders for your small business!

First Impressions and Impact

When you have mere seconds to capture the attention of your prospects, it is safe to say that you have a lot riding on the first impression you wish to create. 

For a second, look at it from your customer’s perspective who’s scrolling through different ads and websites trying to decide which option to choose. You need to ask yourselves questions like: 

A lot depends on the positive emotional response you receive on your offered products and services. This means you need to take the time to properly plan and shoot your business photographs in a way that highlights the emotional core of your brand. 

When products and services are personalised to resonate with your target audience, you have a better chance to stand out and appeal to them directly.

Brand Perception and Insights

You know your brand is unique when you’ve spent years trying to fine tune the details to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Yet, when it comes to placing an ad or uploading a photo representing your brand, you struggle to find a picture that does justice to what you’ve built. 

You may be tempted to make use of stock photos. Try as you might though, you will still end up with run of the mill, generic visual elements that aren’t specific to your brand. For your small business to truly stand out, you need photos that not only make you unique but also help customers perceive you in a positive and relatable way. 

Every brand has a unique voice and style. At DW Images, we take the time to experiment with different commercial photography ideas to find one that suits your brand well. Be it casual, edgy, retro or business-like, we find the right visual tone that paints a great commercial picture of your brand. 

When you set the tone, your customers know what to expect from you as they gain valuable information and insights based on what they see. With our small business commercial photography, you can highlight your commitment to state of the art quality, professionalism and success!

Small business commercial photography; brown shoe placed on a couple of pebbles with an orangish brown background

Setting Precedent for Customer Experience

There’s one prominent theme that can be found in most types of commercial photography – it sets a precedent as to what customers can expect from your business. Be it professional LinkedIn headshots of team members, 360 degree product photos on your website or expertly captured PR event photos, they are all proof of how your business is seen by your customers. 

Additionally, depending on your brand message, the level of trust, openness and credibility displayed by your business photos help your customers feel more confident about partnering with you. 

As a part of your small business photography, you can take pictures portraying a service being rendered – for instance, your dispatch personnel delivering a product to your customer. Through such prominent and clear commercial photos, you give your customers a more solid understanding of the quality service and customer experience they are going to receive from you. 

Call DW Images to Benefit from Small Business Photography!

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We will work together to set your goals and strategically plan your business shoot to portray your brand the way you want!

We are positive that you will have the best experience partnering with us, so give us a call right away!

Small business commercial photography; person holding an iPhone with nike logo on its display
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