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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a performer, an actor or a business owner, your professional headshot can play an instrumental role in improving your career or business opportunities.

This means, you cannot afford to overlook it!

However, when it comes to capturing portrait photos, there are certain headshot photography mistakes that might prevent the end result from having the desired impact.

At DW Images, our professional photographers have put together a list of seven common portrait mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that you’re capturing high quality photos while also being able to leverage them in both creative and professional ways.

Let’s take a look!

1. Partly or Fully Hiding Your Face

When capturing professional headshots, make sure that you aren’t partly or fully obscuring your face with your hair or hat.

Since your whole face is what helps the viewers to feel that sense of connection they get when you meet them in person, hiding your face or showing only parts of it will hamper your image.

For professional assistance, why not get in touch with the experienced photographers at DW Images?

2. Not Adding a Headshot At All

One of the biggest headshot photography mistakes that many people commit is not adding a photo at all. However, failing to upload any photos on your online profile, let alone the one with your face, will make the viewers presume that you aren’t interested in investing your time to create a professional and credible image for yourself.

Additionally, because of the natural human suspicion of anonymity, it’s quite possible that you may receive fewer opportunities and connections than what you would if a professional or any headshot was used.

3. Cropping a Photograph From an Informal Function

Trying to create a headshot by cropping the image from a wedding, holiday or drunken party photo doesn’t qualify to be professional; in fact, it paints a very dodgy picture in the industry.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part of a business that accepts casual photographs, cropping an image still counts as one of the portrait photography mistakes. This means, it’s extremely important that you select a photo that’s professional, authentic and approachable.

To help you capture the perfect photos, contact the team at DW Images today!

4. Uploading Photos Taken In an Unprofessional Environment

Sure, it’s important to ensure that your headshots display your personality to the viewers. However, it could be distracting for your potential contact, employer or client to come across photographs that were captured in an unprofessional setting.

Moreover, no one really has the interest in getting to know your friends and family that are present in the picture, especially if it’s to do with a professional context.

Put simply, by avoiding these headshot photography mistakes, you can easily create a professional image for yourself.

5. Capturing Photos With an Inappropriate Background

While it’s true that interesting backdrops can improve the overall impression of your headshot, it’s still essential to consider the setting and think of how it’s going to affect the viewer’s perspective.

If you’re a doctor or solicitor by profession instead of an actor, for instance, a background resembling a murder mystery weekend won’t work in your favour. In fact, it will reflect badly on your values, authenticity and the brand image you wish to portray!

Give this blog a read to understand why your headshot needs to match your brand.

Headshot Photography Mistakes; portrait photo of a man

6. Taking Very Few Headshots

Usually reputable and experienced photographers pay more attention to detail and end up capturing only a few photos.

However, when it comes to the headshot factory-style process, you need to ensure that you’re taking at least 3 to 5 photographs. This is because you end up having multiple options to choose from and can go with the one that you like the most.

That said, next time you plan to take professional photos, make sure you prevent such headshot photography mistakes. Alternatively, if you want, you can get your pictures taken from our photography studio.

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7. Not Retouching Every Headshot

The post-processing part is extremely crucial in the process of capturing headshots.

Sure, you may put on some makeup before being captured, but there are certain issues that need fixing and can be done only in the editing process. After all, no matter the amount of natural or artificial light being used, you’re likely to face issues like stray hairs on your photos.

This is why you need to ensure every headshot of yours is being individually edited.

Contact DW Images for Professional Headshot Photography

Now that you’ve understood the different headshot photography mistakes, why not seek assistance from an experienced photography company like DW Images?

With a team of highly motivated and experienced photographers, we ensure that all your headshots are of high quality. We also see to it that all your photography needs are met at one go!

What are you waiting for, give us a call today!

Headshot Photography Mistakes; photo editing options displayed on tab
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