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When it comes to eCommerce businesses, your product photography can have a massive impact on your sales and conversions. This is because your customers are likely to base their purchase decisions on the way that your product appears. 

Your eCommerce photography is an important part of your business. As your eCommerce business grows, you will need to display your products in the right way in order to capture customers’ attention. 

While there are many different product photography trends that you can try out, flat lay photography takes away the prize. Flat lay photography is creative and fun. Its purpose is to create interesting images, with a primary focus on a neat and orderly composition.

However, to understand flat lay photography for eCommerce, you need to understand what flat lay is.

What is Flat Lay?

To put it simply, a flat lay photo is a picture that is taken directly above an object. All pictures have backgrounds, but for flat lay photos, the flat surface underneath becomes the background. The idea behind a flat lay is to lay out all your items or products on a flat surface so that they can easily be viewed all at once.

Moreover, your products lay flat and still, so you can focus on them better. Sometimes, one specific product or item is chosen as the central focus of the shot and other items around it are simply placed to complement it. There is a lot of variation that you can experiment with when it comes to flat lay photography.

Usually, flat lay photography for eCommerce focuses on the composition of the products that you are photographing. Each product is placed in the right order and at the right angle for the perfect photographic composition. It also requires using a blend of lighting, colour and shadow to make the tiny elements in your pictures stand out. Flat lay photography is also perfect for creating product videos.

What You Will Need for Flat Lay Photography

A Tripod

To capture the best e-commerce flat lays, you will need a tripod. Tripods are usually utilised for standard shots but they can also be useful for flat lay photography. This will let you safely point your camera at the right angle and shoot from above. Moreover, it also helps with the precision that you need for flat lay pictures.

Good Lighting

Flat lay product photography requires a lot of good lighting. This is because you need to highlight and display the features of your product so that your customers can easily view them. Natural daylight can work wonders for your eCommerce flat lays and eliminate any unwanted shadows from your frame. 

You can set up your flat lay by a large window or even outdoors. However, if natural lighting is not available to you, you will require bright, industrial lights for a good flat lay product picture.


When it comes to flat lay photography for eCommerce, the right type of background is essential. You will need a high-quality, clear background so that you don’t compromise the integrity of your photograph. Besides that, a good, clean background helps direct customers’ attention to the details of your product.

A pure white background is usually perfect for product flat lay photography for eCommerce businesses. A pure white background also helps your products pop against the plain backdrop, making it easier to view them. However, you can also use other backgrounds, like wood, corkboard, fabric and more for some creative photos.

flat lay product photography, a tripod

How do Flat Lays Help Your Business?

Flat lay photography is incredibly easy to work with and needs minimal effort to visualise a concept and stage your products. eCommerce flat lays have a unique visual appeal as well, which helps your products look attractive. Moreover, they hold attention and entice customers to take a closer look at the products.

In addition to that, flat lays are also versatile. They can be used in a range of different ways and are perfect for almost any type of photography. Choosing flat lay photography can give massive boosts to your eCommerce business.

Contact DW Images for eCommerce Flat Lay Photography

Now that you know how flat lays can help your business, it is time for you to start shooting the perfect flat lay pictures. However, you need a professional photographer to help you capture the perfect flat lay shots. 

This is where DW Images can help. Save

With our experience working with a wide variety of industries, we can deliver the best to you. With us, you are guaranteed high-quality, professional-grade flat lay pictures for your eCommerce business. 

Find out more about what we can do for you. Contact us now or drop us an email at 

You can also call us on 01908 631037

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