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With the advancements in the way people operate in their businesses, having an e-platform for your products has become a bare minimum. That’s where the importance of quality product photography steps in; a professional photoshoot shoot can spike up your sales in no time

DW Images has been acing product photography for years; we have the perfect settings, experts and careful post-processing to carry out all our services with ease. 

These experts have brought together a list of common product photography mistakes you should avoid. Go through the list carefully to ensure perfect captures every single time! 

Let’s take a look at them! 

1. Photographing Lighting

Not only specific to product photography, but lighting is also the most crucial factor in all kinds of photography. Mistakes in the lighting can lead to bad pictures, and there’s not much you can do in post-processing to correct it. We say it’s better to get it right from the beginning. 

Some of the most common product photography mistakes are using a mixture of light sources, i.e. daylight, plus fluorescent lighting. An amalgamation of these can disturb the different white balance settings on the camera, and cause an unnecessary challenge for yourself. 

However, the solution is to invest in a lightbox for smaller products while more oversized items benefit from a fully set studio. 

In a nutshell, you are required to maintain the right balance of lighting, shade, brightness, and highlights.

2. White Balance Setting 

The white balance setting on your camera is responsible for capturing accurate and true colours. If your photographs are resulting in warm hues (yellow/red), or too cold (blue), then chances are you need to rebalance the white balance setting. 

Now for the solution, the white balance setting depends mainly on the lighting you use – the fluorescent and LED lights give you cooler images, while natural or normal lights will create warm tones. A manual setting will require patience and knowledge, but as a last resort, you can use the auto mode. 

This is also why we say that mixing lights is never a good idea, it can easily confuse your camera, and your pictures might not come out the way you intended.

3. Photographing Reflections 

Once you are done perfecting your lighting, the next common product photography mistake is capturing reflections. In a studio, or even while using a lightbox, having a reflective surface can cause issues with your professional photography. 

A simple solution is to use diffusers with your light source; but if you wish to have absolutely no mistake in this segment, you need professional help. 

Contact our experts for more information!

product photography mistakes; Product photo with white background.

4. Not Taking Enough Photos 

One of the most common product photography mistakes that you can make is not taking enough photos. 

While in the process, you should make sure you have backup options before choosing the final picture. 

Very often you will find products on e-commerce websites that have only one or two images of the product. 

You should take pictures of the product from multiple angles to allow your customer to see your product clearly.

Get in Touch With DW Images for Professional Product Photography 

Now that you know some of the many product photography mistakes, it is apparent that this skill is no easy task. You need practice and experience to capture product pictures perfectly, and that is why DW Images is here for you. 

We have experts that can understand your business needs, discuss strategies that might help you grow your business, and eventually land on a series of pictures that might just help you become the next successful tycoon in your industry. 

We will make sure you have the best experience partnering with us, so make sure you contact us right away! 

Reach out to us at our Milton Keynes studio on 01908 631037 for more information!

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