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With millions of products and services available at our fingertips, the need to have professional visual images is now a commercial necessity.

As a business owner, you need images supporting and promoting your business, particularly as an ecommerce brand. The question here however is – are you keeping up with the pace of the digital world?

We’re all guilty of taking shortcuts in order to stay relevant at times, however, one aspect that you cannot compromise on is the quality of images representing your business.

The Solution – Invest in Commercial Photography!

With images often quite literally being the first things your customers see, you need to ensure you’re portraying your brand in the right light (pun intended)!

At DW Images, our professional approach to bespoke visual solutions mean we’ll work with you to define your brand image. We take your product or service to the next level with our creative dexterity and entice your target customers to ‘buy’!

With 2021 just round the corner, it’s time upgrade your ecommerce store’s imagery or your personal brand for the new year! Let’s take a look at why commercial photography is the be all and end all of leading a successful business (if we do say so ourselves)!

1.  A Great First Impression

The power of having a great first impression cannot be overstated. A good first impression goes a long way in helping customers size up your brand and construct a belief system based on the way you portray yourself in the digital world.

If you’re using haphazard photos taken from your phone, for example, you’re likely to have issues such as poor lighting, lousy composition and pixelated photos. When a potential customer sees such an image, they subconsciously perceive your brand to be amateur, just like the image.

Unless that’s the look you are going for (no judgement!), investing in custom commercial photography will convey the opposite At DW Images, we manage your first impression, allowing you to seal the deal!

2.  Great Images = Great Products

This might be an overstatement, but think about it.

When you shop online, isn’t your decision primarily based on what you see? Having quality visuals on your website practically guarantees engagement from visitors, even if your offering isn’t typically exciting to look at.

Good images capture your customers attention. Great images create a positive mental image about your brand in the minds of your customer and compel them to make a purchase.

This is how you carve a niche for yourself. You list out the smallest detail and work on it to justify the price. Although an image doesn’t necessarily have to be a small detail, it is a defining feature that your sale heavily relies on.

The perceived value that your brand has is your secret weapon. Great images, when partnered with clever marketing strategies and quality advertising can help you rise through the ranks quickly.

Don’t think too hard about how much custom product photography might cost; see the bigger picture and think about the return on investment you stand to gain.


3.  Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb

For a modern business, great visual content is key to standing out in the digital world! A sleek, visually-appealing, content-rich website will pave the way for a much higher return on investment when compared with the bare minimum.

To tie it all together, you need some exceptional product images to go with the descriptions on your store. This combination helps drive and improve the overall quality of the traffic you receive on your product pages. Once this is taken care of, it will all snowball into a sale before you know it.

While your business doesn’t entirely depend on your images, it plays a significant role that conveys a unique brand story of its own, particularly in ecommerce.

When you stand out from the crowd in a unique visual way, you’ll see your investment in custom photographs has paid off.

4.  Extend the Necessary Support to Your Brand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you need to put some serious thought into the images you choose. With custom professional photography, you can seamlessly weave your brand’s voice and persona in an artful, yet subtle way and reap the benefits of top-of-mind awareness and brand recall value.

For instance, your brand colours can be used to create colour splashes when portraying your products. For example, using reflective textures to communicate a clean, modern and sharp look for the products.

To depict a handmade or a homemade product, use of gritty and spunky filters can be made to put the imagery across more effectively. The point is, no matter what brand message you wish to convey, the same can be injected into the images that professional photographers produce.

At DW Images, we know that professional photography is perhaps the best way to capture a customer’s attention. With us by your side, you can put your message across while also supporting your brand in the marketplace.

5.  The Aspect of Shareability

With audience engagement and consumer/seller interaction on social media being all the rage, the need to invest in custom commercial photography cannot be understated.

When you have professional photographs of your products and services, posting it on social media gives you an edge over your competitors. Online posts that look aesthetic give your brand the gravitas that other brands lack, while also making them more shareable.

Consistently posting great visual content online across all your social media platforms will not only help you grow your brand but also widen your reach to prospects in an organic way.

As a business owner, the impact of having an aesthetic social media presence may seem intangible. Your reputation online can establish you as an authority that people know and recognise for all the amazing pictures you post.

Whether you’re a professional tech company or a laid back ecommerce store, by adding meaningful images to your posts, you appeal to your client-base and leave a lasting impression in your marketplace.

Call DW Images for Custom Commercial Photographs

Thanks to the smart devices we all own today, it’s easier than ever for anyone to take a picture. What sets professional photographers apart here is the expertise we bring to the table. The future will thrive on great pictures and moments being captured and your business is no different.

Invest in custom commercial photography today to ensure your products, services and business are established as the go to in your industry.

Give us a call to see how we can help!

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