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Your brand’s story is the be-all and end-all of your corporate image, especially when you are pitching to a journalist. Painting a good picture is the need of the hour, so you have to bring your A-game!

Sure, your style of pitching, your rapport with the aforementioned journalist and the overall tone of your discussion will definitely make a difference, however, since giving an edge to your story is the essence in this situation, there’s one secret ingredient that can give you some leverage – PR photography!

Of course, your brand story will offer more perspective to the reader but even the most riveting prose cannot compete with the big leagues – which in this case is the visuals. 

Invest in PR Photography

A picture has the ability to strike a chord with the reader’s emotions which set the tone in developing their opinion. When it comes to powerful imagery, editors tend to have a soft spot, meaning you can convince them to choose your story over another. 

It is rather difficult to pair the right kind of commercial images with your pitch. This means you need the eye of an expert to take pictures that align with your story. 

At DW Images, we’ve got you covered! We know that PR photography can be challenging (and we like challenges) which is why we’ve put together the reasons explaining why it’s a good idea to invest in PR photography. 

Let’s dive in!

Understanding PR Photography

Knowing images help expand the reach of your content and catch the reader’s eye and incite curiosity, it all boils down to choosing the perfect photo. The one you choose should complement the press release, pitch for an article or the case study flawlessly. 

Your photograph not only sets the tone and the subject but also the expectations of your readers without giving away too much. Your photographs should pose a question as your caption offers the answers that ties everything together.

There’s a lot at stake here, so do yourself justice and invest in PR photography today!

Its Significance to the Story

A well-meaning photograph that’s snapped by a professional photographer can unlock doors to get your story published. You might even make it to the front-page if you play your cards right. 

Images shot with intention can make your story distinctive and unforgettable. Studies have shown that using an impactful image has the potential to increase the reader’s chances of remembering it by an impressive 55%!

In this age of digitalisation, it is crucial to be visible on the internet. Leveraging social media here is important to really sell your brand. Your PR images when shot properly can be more than just an asset. In today’s competitive environment, it’s a necessity to give an unforgettable visual representation of your brand to influence your target audience. 

The Key(s) to Getting the Perfect Shot

To master the art of perfect PR photography, you need to keep three key steps in mind:

Set the Scene

Choose the right background to make your subject more prominent and pronounced. Pay attention to lighting while ensuring that the lens is positioned close to the subject.

Set the Right Angle

The importance of choosing the correct angle for PR photography cannot be emphasised enough. Since all of us are used to seeing the world around us from a standing position, try and mix it up. 

Crouch over a piece of furniture or perch yourself high on a wall or table to take some fresh shots. You could even try sitting on the floor. Remember, if you can’t move your subject, be sure to move yourself!


The third and final step to take into account is action. Your PR pitch is probably chock-full of verbs which means the same has to be translated in the photos. Capture the perfect shot while your subject is in motion or performing an action. 

Give them an animated expression or something to hold or do to capture a dynamic photo. For more information on PR photography, give us a call!

invest in PR photography, person holding a camera

Express A Thousand Words With Professional PR Photography at DW Images!

Make the most of PR photography with commercial photographers at DW Images. We are equipped to furnish you with a variety of high quality PR photographs so that you are prepared to be on the front cover and top of online publications!

With your own library of professional PR images, you can provide exclusive photos to journalists across publications with a variety of options that match their respective layouts.

PR photography is a powerful weapon in your arsenal, especially when you wish to get noticed and increase the number of shares online.

If you are ready to increase your visual reach, give us a call right away on 01908 631037!

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