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As Christmas creeps closer, offices are getting ready to go big this year on their corporate Christmas parties. Whether it is a holiday special bingo or a fun tree decorating competition, it’s time to gear up for an exciting celebration!

However, it is also important to consider how you will be photographing the event. Corporate event pictures are massively beneficial in lending your business credibility and can also be used for marketing. This is why when it comes to corporate parties, it is always a good idea to have a professional photographer to cover the event

Having quality pictures of your office Christmas party will ensure that everyone remembers what a great time they had. Not only that, but you can also upload the pictures to your company website, adding a bit more personality to your external image, and allowing your customers and clients to get to know your team.

It is easy to get stuck with the same old boring Christmas pictures with Santa or the Christmas tree, though. So, this year, start thinking out of the box and do something different. To help you out, here are our top 5 unique photography ideas for your corporate Christmas party.

Let’s begin!

5 Photography Ideas for A Corporate Christmas Party

1. Roaming Photobooth

The number one problem that most people have with photos is that they don’t get to keep them. While most corporate Christmas parties do include event photography, nobody gets to see these pictures or keep them. Luckily, a roaming photo booth can change that. 

The idea behind a roaming photo booth is that the photographer takes photos and shows the images to the guests. Your guests then have the option of emailing or texting the image to themselves right then and there. Moreover, you can also take multiple pictures and create your very own Christmas GIF

2. Green Screen Photography 

Although quite commonly used in theme parks and locations where you find a lot of tourists, green screen photography can be a great idea for your corporate Christmas party as well.

The basics of green screen photography include taking pictures of people against a green screen which can later be customised. Your guests then have the option to select a background of their choice, which means that they have a variety of Christmas-themed backgrounds to choose from.

3. Pop-up Photography

While green screen photography is always fun, they are a lot more informal and often quite silly. When it comes to corporate event photography, your company may not always prefer informal pictures, and perhaps you’re looking for a more professional approach to shots of your team. If so, you may want to consider pop-up photography for your event.

Pop-up photography is a unique photography idea that combines formal with fun. It includes taking pictures against a backdrop like black velvet to make the people in the picture stand out. This technique offers a full studio-style set-up and also literally helps you pop up out of the picture.

4. Boomerang Photographs

Boomerangs have become massively popular since Instagram launched them for their app. A lot of people now prefer boomerangs over actual pictures. Boomerangs usually consist of a burst of photos that play back and forth to create a video that continuously plays on a loop.

Boomerang photography is trendy and can ensure that your party is a success and that everyone is having fun. Moreover, you can use this opportunity to promote your business by using props. Boomerangs can be instantly shared too, which makes it easier for guests to receive their corporate party photos.

5. Making Collages

When it comes to corporate Christmas party photography, you should expect to have a large number of pictures by the end of the event. This is especially true if you are part of a large organisation.

It is only natural that your employees and guests are all going to want to take pictures next to the Christmas tree or with Santa. A good photography idea that will ensure that everyone is included is to create photo collages. 

Collages are essentially a collection of pictures that are put together to make up a single picture. Photo collages can be incredibly fun and every department can make its own collage. You can also use group pictures of all the departments within your organisation and create a massive office collage.

christmas photography ideas, a woman using green screen

Choose DW Images for Corporate Christmas Photography

You are now fully equipped with some of the most unique photography ideas for your corporate Christmas party. By using these techniques, you are all set to have a successful and fun Christmas at work. 

However, while you may already have photography ideas for your party, you will still need a professional photographer to get you the best, high-quality pictures. And when it comes to corporate events, you should trust only a professional photographer to deliver the best to you.

This is where DW Images comes in.

With years of experience working with a wide variety of industries, DW Images know the ins and outs of corporate photography. With us, you are guaranteed high-quality images of your corporate event. All you need to do is have fun and let us take care of the rest. 

Find out more about what we can do for you. Contact us now or drop an email at 

You can also call us on 01908 631037

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