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Event photography is a criminally underutilised marketing tool that offers your business great value, especially for those of you in fields like advertising and PR. With the world starting to open up once again, we’re looking forward to all the events we’re going to be able to cover once we get to summer.

Most corporate events are typically covered by at least one photographer – and for good reason! The success of any event depends on its coverage, both before and after, and event photography is one of the best ways to achieve this.

Make Your Event A Success Through Photography

While phones can take a decent photo, it is incomparable to the results of quality professional photography. Since every business has a brand identity to maintain, if you want your company to look more professional, event photography is the right way to go about it. 

At DW Images, we have covered plenty of commercial events, which allow us to utilise photography in the best way possible to create high-quality images of your event for you to use wherever you like. 

We’ve put together a few ways of how investing in event photography services can help you make your business event a massive success.

Let’s take a look!

1. Helps With Brand Identity

Every company has a certain way they want to be perceived by their customers or clients. If you take a step back and think about it, photographs serve as one of the biggest ways to mould a person’s impression of you and your business.

Since the professional photographs captured at your event are likely to reflect the atmosphere of your company, along with the members or employees, these can be used across different platforms to showcase your identity. Through this, not only do you build on your brand, but also provide a look into the social side of your business. 

Additionally, the event itself, it can help with networking and allow you to have a record of the event’s highlights.

A promotional or corporate event, although professional, also has its fun elements too; capturing these moments can establish your business as a friendly and outgoing organisation.

2. Great Marketing Tool

Corporate photographers that have experience with events know exactly what needs to be captured. From speeches to general conversations, they can capture the highlights of the event smoothly.

These photographs can further be used as a marketing tool for various purposes. Be it for your future events, building a portfolio, enhancing your website or perhaps for an article, these images can be used almost anywhere to help promote your business.

Additionally, since these photos are of a higher quality and representation of the event, they are more likely to get increased exposure – journalists are more likely to use them in their articles and the public will spend a longer time looking at them.

3. Stand Out In Your Field

Businesses that use event photography use the service to showcase how dedicated they are to their brand and service. Since the event is important for the business, especially in terms of visibility and credibility, event photography services can prove to be very beneficial.

Additionally, if you have the resources or connections, using quality photographs from your event for press coverage on different platforms can prove to be advantageous for your company. Leveraging this can help you stand out in your field; you can establish your business as one to look out for through the use of photographs.

Be it event photography in the UK or any other part of the world, the value this service has can only positively impact the success of your business, making it a worthy investment.

Tips For Successful Event Photography

Now that the benefits of event photography are more clear, the next step for you is to know all the tips and tricks to get the best results with event photography. These are –

Make People Comfortable

Awkward poses or stiff expressions aren’t what anyone needs; by making people feel comfortable, you can ensure that you’re taking better photographs

Use The Bad Lighting To Your Advantage

The lighting isn’t always going to be what you want. Make sure you’re aware of your camera’s ability to adjust to its environment; ISO, shutter speed and aperture. 

Capture The Right Moments

Any highlight or important moment of the event will need to be captured; make sure you know the general running of these key points through the event and always be prepared to capture any additional moments.

Always Come Prepared

From backup cameras to extra batteries, lenses and memory cards, make sure you’re prepared and have tested the lighting beforehand to cover the event smoothly.

The quality photographs you get from Event Photography Services cab be a great marketing tool; a group of people in an office having a lively discussion

Make Your Event A Success With DW Images’ Professional Event Photography Services

Event photography can help make your event successful and further aid your business in many different areas.

As a professional photography service, DW Images have vast experience and knowledge of event photography, making us one of the best in the field. We have photographed a diverse range of events, which allow us to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Check out our portfolio here, and get in touch with us today to know more about our event photography services.

With Event Photography services and a few photography tips in mind, your event is sure to be a massive success; a group of people sitting together with one of them holding a professional camera
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