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Commonly known as listing images, your product images are probably the most important factor of your Amazon seller account

After you’re done with listing your products on Amazon, the first thing you need to make sure to do is optimise Amazon product images. Other than adhering to the Amazon image requirements, you also need to follow a few other tricks to boost your revenue through Amazon. 

Well, of course, before everything else, you need to get your products professionally photographed by an experienced eCommerce photographer. The next step would be optimising these images for the best results.

Having said that, most people aren’t sure about what exactly they can do to make sure their products are appealing to the consumers. Therefore, in this blog, our professional photographers have put together five simple but effective tips to optimise your Amazon images.

Let’s take a look!

1. Prioritise Your Product Page

For every product, Amazon allows up to 9 images. However, Amazon suggests you add at least one video along with your images. This means, if you have a video of your product, make sure you use it along with all the eight product images that you shall list. 

Now that you have added your product video, your next step is to prioritise your product images. With eight slots available, it is essential that you prioritise your best images from your customer’s point of view. 

The biggest and probably the only drawback of online shopping is that the customer is not able to touch the product. By listing images that have been captured from various angles in a perfect sequence, you can mitigate this drawback and obtain better results.

2. Use A Range Of Unique Product Images

Another thing to keep in mind to optimise Amazon product images, is to ensure you use unique images.

As curious beings, anything that’s out of the ordinary strongly captures our attention. When we say unique product images, we mean fun lifestyle images that can make the customers picture themselves using the product. 

Play with your creativity and make the product images unique. Let’s say you’re trying to sell a multipurpose product, like a swiss knife. Try to show the different things you can do using the swiss knife. This subtly points towards the cost-effectiveness of a product.

Now you need to remember one thing. We aren’t saying all your images need to be a lifestyle. That’s an absolute no-no. Just add a few images that you find interesting. Nevertheless, if you can’t think of anything, don’t worry, we’ll help you.

3. Ensure High-Quality Listing Images

Well, this is obvious, but we’re still mentioning it because of how important it is. In more than a few instances, consumers have not purchased a brilliant product, just because of bad listing images, and rightfully so. 

Low-quality images subconsciously point to low-quality products. Even if your product is probably the best there is, bad quality images might make your Amazon shop look shady.

Therefore, don’t just adhere to the Amazon image requirements. Make sure to go beyond and optimise Amazon product images. Take a step further and get your products professionally photographed to boost your revenue in 2022.

optimise Amazon product images; a person scrolling through an eCommerce site on their mobile phone

4. Add Information In The Amazon Images

Think about the last time you went online shopping. How often did you read the product descriptions? We’re guessing, not that much. Well, neither do many customers. 

That’s why we advise including bits of important information about the product within the image. Like a labelled diagram, focusing on the product’s best parts.

Additionally, using unique fonts and colours that are consistent throughout your Amazon product images is a great idea. This way you can establish a memorable brand identity that sticks with your customers.

DW Images – The Best eCommerce Product Photographers in Milton Keynes

Now that you know all about the best ways to optimise Amazon product images, it is time to get the product images taken by a professional photographer.

With years of experience in eCommerce product photography, at DW Images, we provide all our customers with the best photography services in the country. 

What’s more, we offer a variety of professional photography services including 360 product photography, events and PR photography, Business Headshot Photography and so much more.

To find out more about our services, get in touch with us today.

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