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Photographs have always played an important role in preserving your memories. Since Christmas can be the highlight of your year, it’s essential to photograph the celebration. 

We, at DW Images, understand your needs which has resulted in us putting together a small guide to help you take your photography game to the next level.

Here are some Christmas photography ideas to get you started, something that inspires you to capture perfect photographs this festive season. 

Let’s take a look! 

1. Pick the Perfect Moments 

What makes a moment ‘perfect’ is very subjective; we’re talking about a candid shot with elements that are important to you and your family. 

Sure, the process of decorating the tree and unwrapping the presents is when you should have your camera out, but there’s more

We’re talking about activities like shopping specifically for Christmas, multiple market trips, dinner preparations, signing the cards, the excited kids waiting to meet Santa Claus and many more moments that mean something to you and your family.

So make sure you’re there, picking the perfect moments for a perfect photograph.

2. Focus on the Right Settings

Christmas brings multiple elements with it; to make your house winter-ready, you’re surely going to need all things cosy. 

Sure, these things are necessary for making your guests feel right at home, but when photographing, you need to get the frames, excess decorations and furniture arranged for better pictures

If that seems impossible (in case there’s a precious moment that is candid worthy), there’s a lot you can do by setting the perfect frame with the help of the camera itself. 

3. Use the Correct Lens

A typical 50mm lens is perfect for an occasion of this kind, so when capturing the photos, make sure you’re standing at the recommended distance from the subject. 

We understand that it can be tempting to use a wide-angle lens to fit everyone into the frame. However, a short focal length will create distortions, that can’t be saved even in the editing process. 

An excellent solution for perfect portraits would be to stand as far as possible from the subject and zoom in using a standard lens. 

4. Create the Mood 

You need to have fun with your family and friends to get great pictures. If you have children, make sure you accompany them while they play to make it more fun for them. 

Lightly encouraging them will help to boost their imagination and confidence, setting the perfect mood for some awesome photos to be captured! 

Naturally, when everyone is having fun, you’ll capture the best shots and make your celebration more memorable!

professional photography for PR; a person helping a model backstage

5. Work on the Composition

Your photography skills will be tested when it’s time to get the perfect family portraits. One crucial element of these portraits is composition.

Follow this simple hack – to get perfect family portraits, you need to make sure that everyone’s heads are placed at different levels. To achieve this, try using different heightened chairs and armrests, and begin by putting someone in the centre and work your way through. 

Lastly, remember to keep your camera on a timer and rush to feature in the family portrait so you can remember the celebration for a lifetime! 

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