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They say – a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s absolutely true when it comes to selling products online.

Sure, an eloquently written product description can help your sales but nothing can beat the impact that photos have on shoppers. After all, since the majority of information passed on to our brain is visual, and everything else tends to fall by the wayside, product images are what keeps visitors hooked on the page.

It’ll come as no surprise then, that given the impact they have, the internet is flooded with visual content.

This means, for you to set yourself apart, it’s important to take the best product images that will pique the interest of your audience. Not only that, you also need to ensure your photos enable them to connect with your products the way it would in an actual store.

If you’re planning to sell your products on Amazon or are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, product photography is the best place to begin with.

Since you’ll be thinking about capturing the best product images, our professional photographers have put together five Amazon photography tips to help you represent your brand in the right light (pun intended)!

Let’s take a look!

1. Understand Amazon’s Technical Requirements

When it comes to taking product images for Amazon, it’s essential, to begin with understanding the various technical requirements instead of simply capturing images and editing them later on.

Here are some requirements you need to keep in mind –

  • Use the Right Filename Extension

Since all your product images must be saved either as JPEG, PNG, TIFF or GIF files, ensure that you’re adjusting your camera’s settings accordingly before you begin the shoot.

  • Shoot Images in Raw

One of the best Amazon photography tips, capturing product images in raw format (an uncompressed, unprocessed file format, to put it simply) makes it easier for you to scale it down while also preventing a blurry picture.

After all, a raw file created by your camera includes even the smallest of detail like the variety of colours, range of light and more, from the scene.

  • Leverage the Right Colour Mode

Yet another important aspect you can’t ignore while capturing images for your Amazon store, is the colour mode.

Make sure that you’re either using the CMYK or sRGB mode for your photographs, as it offers a better translation of digital images to physical print and vice versa!

2. Capture Images on a White Background

Typically not just on Amazon, but on every eCommerce site the product images are almost always displayed against a white background; ever wondered why?

Well, by using a white background to capture your product images, you can:

  • Reduce the number of unwanted distractions
  • Ensure that the entire limelight is on your product
  • Create a consistent feel

Moreover, from an aesthetic point of view, a white background offers a much cleaner and more professional look to your images. It also helps eliminate shadows while cancelling the sharp angles.

Read this blog to learn more about how you can capture the perfect product images for your eCommerce platform.

3. Use the Maximum Number of Allowed Photos

Since Amazon currently allows you to upload eight images of your products, why not make good use of them?

While capturing the best Amazon product images for the platform, ensure that you’re displaying your products from various angles and also as if they’re being used by a shopper. In doing so, you’ll be giving your customers an accurate representation of how the product needs to be used.

Additionally, if your product is wearable, make sure you’re including a size chart along with size conversions for various regions/countries. This will enable your customers to choose a size that best suits them.

For more ideas on how to showcase your products in different ways, click here!

Amazon photography tips; bottle of liquid placed on a wooden stand against a white background

4. Pay Attention To Your Product’s Size

When it comes to different Amazon photography tips, this is one of the most important points you need to consider – your product’s size.

Your product should neither look too big nor too small in the image.

This is because a product that appears to be too small will have a lot of white space in the background; you’re also likely to miss out on a few important details. On the other hand, if your product’s size is too big in the image, the chances of a few of its vital features being out of focus is too high.

These issues will ultimately result in poor customer experience and might perhaps affect your rankings too.

It is, therefore, crucial to keep the Amazon image ratio in mind before capturing photos of your products.

Give this blog a read to understand why image size matters when it comes to product photography.

5. Include Images of Your Product Packaging

Yes, you read that right!

Along with product photos, it’s also important to include images of your packaging. This is because it’ll help your customers to get an idea of what they should expect when their product is delivered.

Moreover, showing them what they’re likely to receive will further reinforce their trust in you and your product.

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