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Of the images below, which one of these would you buy?

I know that a very high percentage will go for the one on the left. As this seller has invested time and effort to present their product in the best way they can. They have made it stand out and look good.

That principle works exactly the same not just when selling your products online, but also with your personal branding images such as your LinkedIn headshot.

If you are the shop window to your business, and you have a bad headshot, or even worse no headshot on your website/social media or your staff representing your company have bad images. The image on the right is how people see you and them.

They see someone or a business that doesn’t invest in their personal brand and who doesn’t care about how they present themselves. Unfortunately people do judge a book by its cover. It’s human nature to make an unconscious decision in seconds, liking or disliking you from simply looking at a photo.

So much business is not done face to face these days and having good personal branding images online, is the difference between winning or loosing a potential client.

People want to do business with people they trust and breaking the ice with a great headshot, that you look confident and approachable in, will always open doors.

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DW Images photography, working with clients across Milton Keynes, the rest of the Midlands and London.  At our Milton Keynes based photography studio we specialise in product photography for ecommerce retailers. This includes Packshots, 360 Degree, Lifestyle, Ghost Mannequin and Flat Lay Photography.  We also offer corporate headshot photography for your company website meet the team page, and your business social media.

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Product & Pack-shot Photography

Do you sell online? We have a bespoke studio set-up for all you product photography needs.

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360 Spin Product/Pack-shot Photography

Do you sell products online? Looking for high-quality pack-shot or product photography for your websites? Increase your  customer experience  with 360 product Photography 

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Business Headshot Photography

Looking to update your headshot for your meet the team and social media platforms?

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Commercial, Event & PR Photography

Have a upcoming PR event or need bespoke commercial images for your website or marketing literature?

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