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When selling anything online, having great pictures of your product is a high priority. 

You may have fascinating and beautifully designed products, but they can’t leave an impression on visitors without great photographs. Visuals are always important, as they show your product in use and with a product like jewellery, your audience definitely needs to understand how it looks when worn.

However, this isn’t as easy as it may seem, as you need to make sure that several aspects, like sharpness, lighting, and exposure, are on point for you to be able to take great jewellery pictures. 

If you’re looking for jewellery photography tips, we’ve got you covered. At DW Images, our experts have compiled a list of important tips and tricks that can help you with your next photoshoot. 

Let’s take a look!

1. Using the Right Camera 

Having a camera that can take high-quality pictures can make a massive difference in the quality of your pictures. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to rush out and buy the most expensive camera for your photoshoots. 

Any camera can work well for jewellery photography if you understand its controls. This includes manually changing the aperture and shutter speed while shooting in RAW. Additionally, choose the camera you’re most comfortable with, you can always make adjustments to the settings according to what you would prefer. 

If you’re using a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, choose a lens that can use a wide aperture. Many beginner-friendly lenses have a maximum aperture that isn’t suited for product and macro photography. Therefore, look for lenses in a range of f/1.8 to f/4 to click better jewellery pictures. 

2. Using a Sturdy Tripod

While clicking images of your jewellery, you need to use a slow shutter speed for your camera lens to get the best quality. However, it’s crucial to keep your camera stable while clicking pictures with this shutter speed, to avoid blurry images. 

As a result, we highly recommend using a tripod and maybe a remote shutter release to stabilise your camera. It’ll help eliminate the issue of an unstable camera and helps to keep subjects, like jewellery, framed in the same way. By doing this, you’ll also have an easier time adjusting the camera focus and modifying your lighting. 

3. Adjust White Balance Settings

While taking pictures of products like jewellery, you need to capture accurate colours in your images. This means that you need to be aware of your white balance settings while taking jewellery pictures. It’ll avoid making your silver rings look like gold rings and vice versa. 

Another thing you need to do is manually adjust the camera’s white balance until the subject in the picture looks accurate to the real-life product. You can also use a grey card to help adjust the while balance for your current lighting setting or shoot in RAW to change it during the post-production process. 

4. Using Flashes Off Camera

Many photographers recommend using natural light for jewellery for the best possible results. However, if you want a more professional result, you’ll need to use off-camera flashes to bring more control to your lighting setup – it is one of the most important jewellery photography tips to keep in mind. 

The main objective for your product shot is to create soft and even lighting to eliminate any shadow in your images, regardless of the setup you decide to use. 

Try making the most of your light sources with reflectors to improve your lighting setup. Using them can help you to reduce the complications of lighting during a jewellery photography shoot. 

Additionally, turn off any unnecessary light sources in the room to avoid mixing different types of lighting that can produce various lighting temperatures.

5. Polish the Jewellery

Another jewellery photography tip to keep in mind is  to make sure that the jewellery is clean and polished before the shoot. The reason behind this is that what isn’t visible to the naked eye will reveal itself once you take high-quality product images from your camera. 

Use a soft cotton or microfibre cloth to clean the jewellery and make it look shiny. If it needs some serious cleaning, use water and dry the jewellery with a cloth. You can also use cotton gloves to avoid leaving fingerprint marks on your jewellery every time you touch them.

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Choose DW Images for Professional Jewellery Photography Services

Now that you are familiar with our jewellery photography tips and the benefits of having professional pictures of your jewellery and other products, working with a  professional photographer ensures you get the best results. This makes DW Images the perfect place for you!

With years of experience in capturing all sorts of professional product images, commercial photographs, and more, we guarantee to meet your expectations.

With our exceptional product photography services, you can get the best jewellery pictures for your website and catalogues, at the most affordable prices.

Take a look at our portfolio by checking out our website and contact us today!

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