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The wait is finally over! Halloween is approaching and it’s finally time to start planning for the spookiest night of the year.

When we talk about Halloween, we cannot help but mention Halloween costumes. This scary night is the one time when you can really go all out in terms of creativity.

The fashion industry in particular puts its best efforts into making sure they make the most out of Halloween. From intricately designed costumes to spooky makeup and jewellery, the effort that goes into every look is evident. 

But if you are putting in lots of effort for the night, wouldn’t it be a waste if it doesn’t show up in any pictures?

Whether you’re hosting a cosplay event, Halloween-themed show or simple Halloween party, you need our expert Halloween photography tips for a five-star review. Lucky for you, DW Images is willing to share secrets. 

Let’s begin!

5 Expert Tips for Halloween Costume Photography

1. Experimenting With Everything

You will find that you often achieve your best shots when you are experimenting. This is true for a reason. Experimenting is truly essential to creating unique, interesting shots. It helps you take your pictures one step further and brings something unique to them.

For Halloween photography, try using an off-camera flash to create some vivid-looking shadows on your models. This will help you create a naturally spooky and sinister look without even trying. Besides that, you can also try using ambient lighting and accessories, like a prism or smoke, to add to the spooky look.

2. Making the Process Comfortable

A lot of the time, it is easy to forget that photography is supposed to be natural. It is very easy to identify when someone is faking an emotion, which is why your models need to truly feel theirs. However, to make this happen, you must ensure that your subject is comfortable.

For example, for cosplay Halloween-themed photography, it is always a good idea to get to know the characters and talk to your subject about them. Help them get into the look and feel of the characters that they’re representing and watch the magic happen. 

3. Bringing Your Subject to Life

Whether you are shooting for Halloween fashion, costumes or simply some scary pictures, the point of the shoot is to bring your subject to life. If your pictures look plain, staged and lifeless, you are not doing it right. 

A good tip to avoid this is to make your setting, lighting, poses and everything else as realistic to the character as possible. Your goal here should be to make it look like the character has jumped out of the screen or page. Try to stick to the original character, bring that mood into your pictures and you’ll be good to go!

4. Identifying Focus Points

When it comes to Halloween costume photography, you are probably going to be dealing with unique backgrounds and lighting. These aspects make it easy to lose focus on what you really want to capture. 

Before starting with your shoot, identify the focus points of your picture. Make sure that the model stands out and is the centre of attention. Moreover, make sure that your background does not become a distraction from what really matters—the costumes!

5. Working on Angles

A lot of Halloween costume photography involves working with angles to create an eerie, spooky look. To match the theme of the night and produce perfect pictures, you need to really capture the essence of Halloween. To do this, all you need to change is your camera perspective.

Try shooting from lower angles, in fact, try shooting from the ground. This makes your subject appear large and looming, giving them a scary yet powerful look. Besides that, you can also experiment with adding a foreground element to make the shot more interesting. However, do remember to choose something that does not distract the viewers from your subject.

Halloween-themed photography, couple dressed in Halloween costumes

Contact DW Images for Professional Halloween Photography Services

Now that you know the best ways for you to achieve perfect shots for your Halloween costume photography, it’s time to consult an expert.

With an impressive portfolio, DW Images is simply the best at commercial photography. We offer several different services, like product photography, business headshots, 360 product photography and much more.

Whether it’s Halloween costume photography or Halloween-themed event photography, you can trust us to deliver the best services. 

Check out the other services we offer.

To learn more about how we can do for you, contact us now! You can also call us at 01908 631037 or drop us an email at

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