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In today’s world, commercial food photography plays a critical role in advertising, marketing and promoting food products. Whether it’s for a restaurant, a food brand or a catering company, commercial food photography is all about creating images that make the viewer crave the food. 

However, achieving this level of visual appeal requires more than just a high-quality camera and some delicious food. Food styling is a critical component of commercial food photography and knowing the right tricks can make all the difference. 

At DW Images, our commercial photography professionals possess the right tools and techniques required to creatively showcase your food products. With our expertise, we’ll help you take your food brand to the next level.

In this blog, we’ll share some food styling tricks that can help you create stunning commercial food photography. These tips are especially beneficial for the commercial food industry and will help you create images that are sure to make your consumers’ mouths water.

1. The Importance of Composition: Arrange Food for Maximum Impact

Composition is one of the most important elements of food photography. How the food is arranged in the frame can make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the image. 

A well-composed shot can help draw the viewer’s attention to the food and create a sense of depth and dimensionality. When arranging food for maximum impact, it’s important to consider factors such as colour, shape and texture. 

Simple adjustments to the placement of the food can make all the difference, whether it’s adding a pop of colour to the background or creating a diagonal line to guide the viewer’s eye. By mastering the art of food composition, you can create images that are both beautiful and appetising.

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2. Lighting Matters: Capture Appetising Photos with the Right Lighting

When it comes to food photography, lighting is crucial for creating appetising and appealing images. Lighting can dramatically impact the way food looks in a photo, whether it’s the brightness of the image or the shadows that are cast. 

The right lighting can help bring out the colours and textures of the food, creating a sense of depth and richness in the image. Some tips for capturing appetising photos with the right lighting include using natural light when possible, experimenting with different light sources and angles, and paying attention to the colour temperature of the light. 

By showcasing your food products in the best light, you can create stunning images that will capture the attention of your consumers.

3. Props and Backgrounds: Elevate Your Food Photography

Props and backgrounds are key components in creating visually appealing and engaging food photography. Props can add a sense of context and interest to the shot, whether it’s a vintage plate or a sprig of fresh herbs. Backgrounds can help set the tone of the image, from a rustic wood table to a clean and modern white backdrop. 

When using props and backgrounds, it’s important to consider the overall theme and message of the image. You should choose elements that complement and enhance the food, rather than detract from it. 

By incorporating thoughtful and intentional props and backgrounds, you can elevate your food photography and create images that are both beautiful and effective.

4. From Overhead to Close-up: Creative Angles for Stunning Food Photography

Creative angles are a great way to add interest and variety to your food photography. From overhead shots to close-ups, there are many angles to choose from and they can create different moods and convey different messages. 

Overhead shots can help showcase the entire dish and its surroundings, while close-ups can emphasise the texture and details of the food. Other creative angles to consider include 45-degree shots, side angles and even low-angle shots. 

The key is to experiment with different angles and find what works best for the dish and the message you want to convey. By using creative angles, you can create stunning and unique food photography that stands out.

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5. Editing and Enhancing: Bring Out the Best in Your Food Photos

Editing and enhancing are important techniques to enhance the aesthetics of your food photos. In today’s digital age, there are many editing tools and software available to help you enhance and perfect your images

Some techniques to consider include adjusting the brightness, contrast and colour balance of the image, cropping and resizing to improve composition, and removing unwanted elements such as blemishes or distractions. You can also experiment with filters and other effects to add mood and style to your images. 

The key is to use editing and enhancing techniques in moderation, to ensure that the food remains the star of the image and that the final result accurately represents the dish.

Food photography, woman taking professional photos of food.

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Looking to take your food photography to the next level with these food styling tricks? We’ve got you covered!

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Food photography, man taking overhead photos of food.
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