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As a brand looking to build credibility and online presence, you might have wondered what good professional photography is about. Whilst opinions about this may vary, the fact remains that photography in digital marketing plays a key role. 

You might still have your reservations as to how it’s applicable to your brand specifically. To this we say – irrespective of your business niche and industry, visual elements and communication can make a world of difference. 

Modern marketing strategies leverage visual content to boost business engagement and reputation. This showcases the relevance and importance of photography in marketing for businesses across the globe. 

While stating this fact out loud is easy, convincing you to dedicate more time and attention to your business’ photos might be easier. At DW Images, we’ve put together some staggering statistics that’ll compel you to be more judicious with your brand’s visual elements.

Let’s take a look!

Astounding Statistics of Photography in Digital Marketing

  • Articles and blog posts with relevant imagery garner 94% more views when compared to articles sans any visual elements
  • A press release with photos and other visual elements gains 15% more views online when compared to text-based press releases.
  • Businesses that use images to register for listings online increase their chances of being contacted by customers by 60%
  • Almost 70% of e-commerce customers say that their purchase decision is influenced by the product images they see on the website

Source: MDG Advertising Infographic

The bottom line – your target audience, be it local or across the world, are very impressionable. Basic human psychology tells us how our minds crave images. Any information we seek, we want it fast and in a bite-sized manner. That said, what better way to deliver your message than curated professional photography?

Let’s see just how integral visual elements are to your business and why photography in digital marketing is as crucial as ever!

1. Successfully Attracts Attention

A well curated collection of your business’ photographs that’s updated in a timely manner to keep your target audience hooked, is likely to gain more visibility and traction in the digital space. Having a robust photography marketing plan here is key to attract your customers’ attention and keep it. 

We don’t mean for you to be overly dramatic with your visual elements here as even subtle shots, taken with just the right angle, can have a powerful impact. To sum it all up, your brand aesthetic is all about bringing in new clients

Find your voice and make it heard loud and clear to successfully attract the attention of your target audience across your social media platforms and through your website. 

2. Convey Brand Message Without Words

The human brain processes visual information at a rapid pace. Any type of information that has the potential to be processed faster, for example a photo, will always take precedence over other mediums. 

Your choice of photographs should be in line with your brand’s identity and mission. Having images that portray your message successfully is guaranteed to acquire more traction in terms of increased impressions and click through rates (CTR).

3. Potential to Go Viral

It only takes one good photograph to send your business stats through the roof. If something about your visual content establishes a connection with your brand and message, viewers are likely to support your cause and share your image till you go viral

If your content goes viral on social networking platforms and other online communities, you’ll notice an impressive increase in your online traffic. More visitors equals more potential customers. Ensure that you consistently post content to build credibility and customer loyalty. 

4. Persuade Customers to Take an Action

To understand this better, let’s consider the photo-based ads we see on Instagram. You have probably clicked on a sponsored post before, purely on the basis of the image you saw. 

This concept works on multiple platforms as businesses online find relevant target audiences for their products and services. The image here is a major driver as it plays a key role in viewers clicking on it. 

If your commercial photograph is engaging enough with a prominent CTA (call to action), then you increase your chances of attracting more traffic exponentially. A substantial number of online users will follow through and take action if what you’re offering is supported with relevant and aesthetic visual content.

photography in digital marketing, the word digital marketing spelled out on a brown table

5. Increased Online Engagement

Since photo-based content is all the rage, including a photo in your post instantly adds to the engagement. The same is applicable to blog posts, social media channels and even your own business website. 

Now that you know where you could use photography in digital marketing to generate more engagement, and by extension more business, why not get on board and partner with commercial photographers at DW Images?

6. More Visibility = More Sales

A tried and true method to add more to your revenue pool, organisation and consistency is of essence when using photography to market your business. You will notice an exponential increase in your sales when you use high-quality professional photos that are articulate and relevant to your brand. 

Great visual content helps prospective customers anticipate the benefits of using your product or service which helps pique their interest. If you appeal to them in the right way, they’ll want to make a purchase. 

Ensure you leverage this to generate more sales for your business. 

Call DW Images to Accelerate the Impact of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When compared to all the visual elements you can use to further your business, photography is perhaps the most powerful and impactful one. This is what places it at the core of modern marketing today.

If you’d like to enhance the quality of your visual content and take your marketing efforts to a whole new level, get in touch with the experts at DW Images.

photography in digital marketing, camera, ipad, specs and black slate laid out in a streamlined manner
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